All Sandwiches Everything…

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FourJays resident foodie Erica explores her love of sandwiches. She shares a few of her faves!

Sandwiches, better known as the most perfect meal! If you love sandwiches as much as I do, these are not to be missed (these are not in any specific order).


Mother Rucker’s is only open until 6 pm so plan accordingly, but they always have parking during the day! Mangialardo & Sons in SE near the Potomac Ave Metro, ask for the G-Man and do yourself a favor and have them heat it up for you – trust me, you will not regret this. Also on the list: A. Litteri at 6th and FL (my first Italian sub love). MGM Roast Beef  just a hop, skip and a jump from Union Market, if brisket and turkey sandwiches are what you desire, this is your destination, and everything is available with gravy! Yum!
Last on my list of neighborhood greats – Shawafel, anytime you can get fries in your sandwich which completely filled with meat I’ll be there!
If you’ve got any other great go-to sandwich places I’d love to hear about them I’ve had some great ones out of my neighborhood (seriously, Fado in Chinatown, I’m looking at you and your delicious lamb french dip sandwich). Alas, it’s a big town and so many delicious sandwiches I still need to try – challenge me out of my neighborhood.
Erica Anderson