Tried-and-true tips on home selling!

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FourJay Properties’ CEO Justin Paulhamus is known for his selling powers around the DMV. He shared these proven tips to get the most for your home. 
1. Always get a design consultant to preview your home. You might not need staging, but you could use some rearranging. Position it to werk!
2. Get an inspection prior to going live. Dontcha wanna know what others are going to find? If you haven’t changed your air filter in awhile, do it! I’m seeing laundry lists of items that could be easily prevented.
home inspection
3. If you want to break up with your realtor, it’s really not that serious. Do it in writing and voila it’s ovah! Move on already!
4. Barter, barter, barter. Everything is negotiable. Pretend like you’re on the streets of Nassau. From title companies, lenders, and home, yes, even your realtor…ask for a credit!
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